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Techbuild Tips


  • A water-saving shower head reduces your water consumption
  • Time your shower – try to keep it under 5 minutes
  • Fix drips – changing washers could save hundreds of litres lost a year
  • A water saver in your toilet cistern reduces water being flushed
  • Upgrade your toilet to a dual flush system
  • Check your meter – only pay for the water you are using
  • Make sure your hot water thermostat isn’t set too high
  • Check the efficiency rating before buying any appliance that uses water
  • Check your property for overflowing toilets and water tanks
  • Have your plumbing checked over for leaking underground pipes

Heating & Insulation

  • Annual boiler servicing ensure its safe and efficient operation
  • A thermostat will enable you to regulate the temperature
  • A smart thermostat enables you to control your heating from your phone
  • Time your thermostat – use heating when you need it, not continuously
  • Don’t have your system turned up unnecessarily high
  • If your boiler is 10-15 years old consider investing in a new, efficient model
  • Thermostatic radiator valves let you control the temperature in each room
  • If you have an immersion heater, have a timer fitted to the hot water tank
  • Insulating your roof space is a simple way to reduce heat loss
  • Lagging hot water cylinders and pipes reduces heat loss
  • Cavity wall insulation is another great way to reduce heat loss
  • Double glazed windows and doors effectively reduce heat loss

Pensioners are entitled to financial support from the government to assist with insulating their homes.

Making Payment

  • Make sure you are clear on payment terms before work starts
  • Avoid companies that only accept cash payment
  • Don’t use companies who are not prepared to give you an invoice for your work
  • Don’t use a company if their workers offer to do work privately at a lower price