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Media Walls

Media Wall Installation

With a media wall, you can permanently mount your TV on the wall and make it the visual focus of the space. It’s a simple-looking design element that adds a lot of sophistication to a space and eliminates clutter by concealing cords.

Although media walls are most frequently found in living areas, they may also be a luxurious addition in kitchens or bedrooms. These come in particularly helpful for those whose homes with hole-in-the-wall fireplaces or who want to mount their TV above fireplaces. This is because media walls make sure that these two components are placed precisely in line with one another and that they don’t interfere with one another’s functionality.

Why Choose Techbuild?

Our media wall designs are made to order and are constructed according to the requirements and preferences of the client. They give an interior more personality, lessen the appearance of clutter, and give the walls the appearance of being thicker, which results in a feeling of firmness and stability. They look their best when they reflect the architecture and design of the property. They even have the potential to become a selling feature in the event that you ever chose to relocate to a new house.

We offer the complete package from design to installation. We can discuss your options for different designs making your media wall unique to you. We can arrange a free, no-obligation quotation to help you decide upon the right design for your room.