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Masonry Services

Stonework, historic brickwork, pointing, and façade restoration are all areas in which our team of stone masons excels.

In addition to consultations and designs, our stone masons can also perform masonry repairs, restore the appearance of a building’s façade, and renovate old structures. To meet your needs, we can also repurpose parts of existing structures in existing buildings.

Why Choose Techbuild?

The scope of our work ranges from structural repairs to crack repairs and brick restoration, all the way down to mortar repairs using traditional methods for repairing small indentations and cracks. Also included are all hand-worked and carved architectural and structural stonework, as well as letter-carving and sculpture, brickwork, walling, pointing, render, and decoration.

The masonry team at Techbuild is exceptionally skilled and qualified to produce high-caliber work. All of our projects, no matter how big or small, are completed to the highest standards possible, and we go out of our way to provide affordable, courteous, and helpful service to our customers.